Kate Stephenson

Kate Stephenson

Kait(Kate) Stephenson, was appearing to be a sweet and innocent girl when I first met her.

She redefined for me the concept of if you actually know someone after years of being together.

Turning out to be a two faced lying bitch who only cared about material things.

She was everything to me and the ruthlessness in which she used that against me was efficient.

Kait(Kate) Cantley Stephenson

The turmoil she put me through and the drama that came out of it was life threatening.

Masquerading and presenting herself as a good christian when actually being an atheist.

A pro abortion and pro baby killing, cheating whore.

Kaitlyn N Cantley Stephenson, dietitian

Even when being confronted about clear red flags, and written evidence about

her infidelity and plans on leaving she will put your mind at ease and use your trust to her advantage.

She would tell me how sorry she was when I found the things she wrote and how it was not real, that everything was fine.

Now I understand that she was not sorry about what she wrote, she was sorry she got caught.

A superficial and worthless bitch who cared so much about material that

she would throw away an engagement ring to make a statement

Glen Daniel, Beckley, WVU, Iowa State, dietetics, growingwellness

She wont hold back, and when I got diagnosed with a lifelong debilitating illness that is when I become useless to her.

The perfect time to leave and take everything, when she wont be bothered,

not by anyone or even by her own thoughts and that is exactly the kind of person that she is.

Even after all the pain she would impart on you, if you try to make sense of how everything went from fine to not

, she will insult you and also say "how you should have known better".

Kait Cantley, Kaitlyn, Catherine, Nicole, Kaitlyn, Kate Stephenson

Truly a disgusting beast, a time bomb, that is lying and waiting for you to be disposed of if it becomes convenient for her

I could have never imagined the outcome to be so serious and nauseating.

The emotions she would share are only surface deep, and she played me like a fool

She is very generous, she takes what she wants and leaves what she doesn't,

so be ready to be stuck with the house payments and all of the bills.

Kate Cantley Stephenson, Chesapeake, Virginia, Regional Healthcare